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The remote procedure call failed and did not execute

These are some words you don’t want to see in your error logs when running a multi-site Active Directory structure but it’s something that baffled me for quite some time until I found the root cause of the problem which… Read more

Migrating Public Folder Contacts from Exchange 2003 to Office365 / Importing CSV Contacts into Office365 Public Folders

A really long title for a post! But essentially we’re killing two birds with one stone here. We recently came across this problem, and were pulling our hair out for hours over it, but now have a simple solution and… Read more

Office365 Tenant to Tenant Migration (Split an Office365 Account)

Recently we came across a scenario where a business had increased in size and wished to move into two separate entities, and in doing so, wished to separate out their Office365 accounts so they could be under separate billing arrangements.… Read more

Ubiquiti UniFi Video / airVision Custom SSL Certificate

A while back we wrote about how to generate a CSR, setup your own Certificate Authority, sign the request and import the cert into the Ubiquiti Common Controller on the UniFi Controller side. At the time there wasn’t a way… Read more

Could not start the DHCP Client service on Local Computer – Access Denied

Not all of us have hit this one, but I did today. This was a tricky one. Everything online suggested it’s an issue with the permissions on the registry keys for Windows. A lot suggested running sfc /scannow. But none… Read more

GitLab and repository satellite issues

Have you ever come across the message on your self-hosted GitLab install along the lines of: “This repository does not have satellite. Ask administrator to fix this issue”? Well we did and it can be very frustrating if you don’t… Read more

GitLab and Omibus HTTPS SSL

So if you’re like us you probably want to enable HTTPS on your GitLab install but the information out there on the net (at the time of writing this) is not very complete in how you can achieve this. Well… Read more

Laravel 5.1 and Job Queues Tutorial

If you’re like us and you’ve been using Laravel and iron.io for some time, you may have been using push queues and come to notice now that these are being deprecated. What is going to be the replacement for them?… Read more

Synchronizing Mailman lists using PHP

When you’re writing up and developing a membership application using PHP and MySQL or perhaps some other database application, sometimes it can be handy to have that application synchronize any email address changes with your Mailman list. This saves having… Read more

Ubiquiti UniFi Common Controller and NVR/airVision SSL Certificate

We recently embarked on another installation of some Ubiquiti UVC cameras as well as UniFi UAP’s (UAP-LR) and a controller for it all (NVR). Everything is working great with the system however one annoyance is the self signed SSL certificate… Read more


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