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Xirrus XMS WiFi with RADIUS (FreeRADIUS 3.0) and Dynamic VLAN Assignment

This is just a short blog post outlining the configuration that is required when using Dynamic VLAN assignment to wireless devices on a particular SSID when using Xirrus AP’s. This post is going to assume that you have: Installed FreeRADIUS… Read more

G Suite Sync and Click-to-run editions of Microsoft Office

The other day we ran into a particularly annoying issue but one that has a rather simple fix associated with it. We were rolling out G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, also known as GSSMO (from the former acronym GASMO… Read more

MikroTik Monitoring with Cacti

This is a tool we didn’t think we needed some time ago however it has proven to us over the last few months that we have had it implemented that it is invaluable in determining the cause of network performance… Read more

MikroTik ADSL/NBN/Telstra 4G Failover Setup

We deal with a number of clients on a day to day basis that are SMB’s (our primary focus) and as such most have an ADSL connection because NBN has not been delivered to their area yet or is in… Read more

Shutdown / Sleep Timer on Windows 10 and Windows 7

Today’s blog post is just a quick one for anyone searching on how to put your computer on a shutdown timer or a sleep timer for when you’re leaving work in the afternoon but you’ve left a file downloading in… Read more

Add Monitored Host to Nagios 4 on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

Ok so to get here you’ve either got a Nagios setup already up and running or you’ve just come from Part 1, setting up Nagios on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS. Now we need to add a host to monitor. What we… Read more

Really Simple Nagios 4 Tutorial on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

My goal in this article is to get you up and running with Nagios on a VM/VPS as quickly as possible so that you can start learning about the way Nagios works through their online documentation and start monitoring your… Read more

The remote procedure call failed and did not execute

These are some words you don’t want to see in your error logs when running a multi-site Active Directory structure but it’s something that baffled me for quite some time until I found the root cause of the problem which… Read more

Migrating Public Folder Contacts from Exchange 2003 to Office365 / Importing CSV Contacts into Office365 Public Folders

A really long title for a post! But essentially we’re killing two birds with one stone here. We recently came across this problem, and were pulling our hair out for hours over it, but now have a simple solution and… Read more

Office365 Tenant to Tenant Migration (Split an Office365 Account)

Recently we came across a scenario where a business had increased in size and wished to move into two separate entities, and in doing so, wished to separate out their Office365 accounts so they could be under separate billing arrangements.… Read more


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