G Suite Sync and Click-to-run editions of Microsoft Office

G Suite Sync and Click-to-run editions of Microsoft Office

The other day we ran into a particularly annoying issue but one that has a rather simple fix associated with it. We were rolling out G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, also known as GSSMO (from the former acronym GASMO when it was Google Apps) and tried a few different ways to get it to work on one particular machine that we had just installed (via their enterprise Office365 portal) a click-to-run edition of Office 2016.

GSSMO during the installation pops up the message with click-to-run editions of Microsoft Outlook are not supported and that no compatible versions were found. The install does not continue from here. What we did to try and get around the problem:

  • Removed and re-installed Office 2016
  • Ran an online repair on Office 2016
  • Used the MSI available to roll out GSSMO which doesn’t install the migration tool alongside it

Unfortunately none of these solutions worked. We were unsure why it was such a generic error message yet Google had sepcifically said back in 2013 that they had added support for click-to-run Office 2013 and they did the same for 2016. So we figured this generic error must relate to an even older version such as 2010. After consulting with the client we found that a previous company had 2010 running on the box in question even though we couldn’t see it in Programs and Features. What we ended up needing to do was run a manual cleanup by following the steps that Microsoft kindly outline here.


After that procedure had been followed, the computer re-booted and Office 2016 installed again (as it was removed at the same time) then the G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook installed first try and has worked brilliantly since.

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