Database Development

At our partner company Hachet, We can design databases to suit your needs. Whether it be for Event Administration, Business listings, Employee or Student records as well as much more, we will be able to provide a tailored design suited to your individual needs.

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Application Design

At our partner company Hachet, we are able to design web applications in PHP and MySQL suitable for running membership sites, student marking, newsletter or mailchimp integration, e-commerce, forums and much more. No matter what the application, we can talk with you and develop something that you’ll love.

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Servers & Management

We can provide consultancy on the best move forward in terms of equipment procurement and upgrades as well as an implementation plan. We can assist you with knowledge of offsite cloud backups and disaster recovery and look at your business from many angles to show you there is more than one way to do IT and you shouldn’t feel forced down one path.

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Network Deployment and Cabling

Does your business operate at more than one address? Do you regularly travel and need access to the computers back at the office? We offer a range of solutions including cabling, racks and cabinet installation. We are ACMA Licenced cablers and operate as a one stop shop. Whatever the case, we’re sure we will be able to assist you.

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If you’re not sure how to grow your enterprise in the world of IT we can help. We are able to consult with you to find the best path your business can take in respect to technology. Servers, printers, scanners, workstations, emails, websites, databases and more. We provide a high level consultancy service aimed at moving your business in the right direction with proven technologies.

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VoIP Phone Solutions

Are you tired of spending money on expensive calls through your landline to a telephone provider? Do you want to deploy multiple phones in your office, have the ability to transfer calls, have employees answer calls to the office number from home, and save on monthly call costs using VoIP? We can help by deploying an Asterisk Phone System at your premises.

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