Servers & Management

Files, Backups, Disaster Recovery and Replication

Are you files floating around the place residing in multiple versions and you can’t keep track of them? If your employees need central access, be it onsite or offsite, to your company documents, we have you covered and can setup secure and encrypted VPN tunnels for your staff laptops or desktops from home offices. Additionally we would be encouraging you to think about or move to platforms such as Sharepoint or OneDrive to eliminate the need for onsite hardware, which we can project manage.

We can setup Access Control Lists so only those authorised to view certain company files are able to view them. Automated onsite and offsite backups are also one of our top priorities as well as snapshot operations which can be scheduled every hour or every 15 minutes in case an employee erases a file accidentally or you find yourself struct by ransomware.

We can also replicate data and users between sites and branches so that your employees all have access to the same files no matter which part of the world they’re in.

Emails, Contacts, Calendars

We can provide you with a solution to hosting emails in the cloud and move your data off your onsite servers. We specialise in implementation of two of the most powerful and reliable solutions available today being Google’s G Suite and Microsoft’s Office365. We can provide solutions to allow your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PC, Mac, Android phone and more to all seamlessly integrate and synchronise between one another. Automatic deployment of Microsoft Office and it’s upgrades to business machines is also possible with the Office365 solution.

Access to webmail wherever you go with two-step authentication and automatic vacation replies are some of the common services that are included when using either of these two powerful services.

Application Servers

Application Servers are becoming increasingly popular these days with many businesses running in-house software that requires specialist needs. Phone servers (Shoretel, Cisco, Asterisk, FreePBX), Time clocks and Database servers are some of the common examples of application servers we can implement for you. Right through from planning to purchase, then to implementation and deployment, we can serve your needs from start to finish. We deal with both Linux and Windows on a day to day basis so will be sure to provide you with a solution that works.

Cost effective and reliable, monitored

We can tie together all of the above for you to work the way you need it to. Separate servers for files, NAS boxes, switches, redundant NBN/4G/Fibre connections and automatic failover to minimise downtime, VPN’s between offices and client machines, VLAN’s, QoS and more. We are able to provide your enterprise with a completely customised solution that works best for you and your employees as well as your clients. We can setup automatic monitoring on your core servers and infrastructure so that you are alerted the minute a service goes down due to connectivity or power issues, or some other hardware failure.

Solutions we provide for you are cost effective as well as reliable. Finding and using a specialised consultancy firm in the right situations can save you a lot of money in the long run and we’re here to show you how it can be done and how it will work for you.


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